AirStop Professional

AirStop Professional 2.4.0

Prevents data leakage on laptop computers

AirStop Professional is an excellent program used to prevent data leakage by controlling communication adapters and devices used to store information on laptop computers.

It has a feature called Sticky Wireless which authorizes only approved networks and dynamic adapter control to avoid wireless bridging attacks.

AirStop Professional provides security that offers centralized monitoring, thorough configuration and tracking. Through this tool, the server allows the network to remotely control a specific machine or define wireless security policies.

This means that if a user attempts to connect to an unauthorized network, the wireless adapter will be automatically disabled. In addition, if the program senses risk in a wired connection, this will automatically disable the communications and storage devices.

Adapters for controlled communication include LAN, WLAN, Cellular/3G, Bluetooth, Fax/Modem and Firewire. AirStop Professional gives any user protection in order to avoid compromising sensitive data or information.

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AirStop Professional


AirStop Professional 2.4.0